What is VPS Web Hosting?

One of the most popular options for companies that are building a website these days is VPS web hosting. This stands for virtual private server web hosting and it is just what the name would lead you to think that it would be. It is web hosting that acts like it is on private server even though it really isn't.

vps image A virtual private server is a server that acts like a private server even though it is being run on the same machine as the hosting that other people are using. This works by having software that is set up to act like a dedicated server even though there are several different people using the same computer for hosting. The idea is to fill the gap between shared hosting and a dedicated server. There is a huge market for this service which is why it has become so popular over the last few years.

The reason that there is such demand for virtual private servers is that people are realizing that there are limitations on what can be done with shared hosting. For starters the hosting company will put restrictions on what kind of site you are running and what kind of software you can use. The other big problem with shared hosting is that it leaves you no room for expansion should your site grow. This can be a real problem if you are getting a lot of traffic to your site, there is usually no way to add bandwidth if you are using shared hosting.

Because of the limitations of shared hosting there are very few businesses that want to risk their company by using it. That means they need to find another solution. In the past the only option was a dedicated server. The problem with a dedicated server however is that they are very expensive. This is an expense that most small and even medium sized businesses really can't afford. Given that they rarely need the level of service that a dedicated server provides anyway they usually just stuck to shared hosting despite its limitations. However note that now a Virtual Private Server & quality VPS hosting is widely available this is no longer necessary.

A virtual private server fills the gap in between shared hosting and a dedicated server quite nicely. It allows companies to avoid the limitations that shared hosting causes without having to incur the costs of a dedicated server. This gives them the security and control that they need at a price that they can afford. Really there is no reason that you should even be considering hosting a site that you are using for business purposes on shared hosting now that you have the option of using a virtual private server, the risks just aren't worth the small amount of money that you will save.